Advantages of Skin Stem Cells

Your body and in particular your skin, contains cells that are not yet determined with regard to their future form and may be "programmed" by the surrounding tissue to take on any form. These cells are called adult pluripotent stem cells.

These stem cells have a renewal and repair function and replace defective cells. They are our spare parts store and in the case of injuries assure that healing takes place and the organ or cell structure goes back to carrying out its original function.

Embryonic stem cells, also pluripotent cells that develop in the early embryonic stadium into differentiated cells and organs of the developing human being, are not found in adults any more.

Stem cells from your own skin tissue have several advantages when compared with the stem cells from bone marrow, blood of the umbilical cord or peripheral blood that have been transplanted most frequently up until today.

TICEBA - Advantages of skin stem cells


Advantages Skin Stem Cells

  • The skin contains a higher number of valuable mesenchymal, pluripotent stem cells than blood or bone marrow.
  • These valuable mesenchymal, pluripotent stem cells dispose of a high differentiation potential, which means they have not yet been determined with regard to their future form and may thereby be "programmed" into a multitude of cell types. Therefore, stem cells obtained by TICEBA have a wider scope of possible fields of application.
  • The valuable mesenchymal, pluripotent stem cells obtained by TICEBA are more easily grown, thereby making a higher number of stem cells available. This might enable a more efficient treatment. However, this differs from one patient to another.
  • The skin as an organ is easily reached. The sampling of a small piece of skin is therefore uncomplicated and almost painless.
  • Sampling may take place without any problem up to a high age.
Clinical Trials

We are now also recruiting patients for further clinical studies in phase I/IIa with allogeneic ABCB5-positive (ABCB5+) mesenchymal stem cells for the following indications: chronic venous ulcers (CVU), diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) and peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD). For more information click HERE.


Besides the authorization to manufacture a human medicinal product in accordance with § 13 (1) of the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG) for autologous mesenchymal stem cells, TICEBA is also authorized to manufacture a medicinal product for allogeneic mesenchymal as well as allogeneic limbal ABCB5 + stem cells following a recent extension. For more information click HERE.

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